Aquila Azha

aquila azha ain sokhna

Aquila Azha – elegant and inviting.
Aquila Residences aims to convey the look and feel of the Mediterranean spirit.


Sublimely located on the left side of Ain Sokhna, only 12 km away from the toll station.
AZHA is a resort community for those who prefer a distinctively refined yet casual lifestyle.

By carefully selecting pieces we aim to create attractive and visually cohesive homes.
Discover genuine comfort at our exclusive twin houses and senior chalets.

Aquila – Delivering living spaces through simplicity, clear views of structural elements.
Fall in love with our townhouses and senior chalets with just one look at look at this breathtaking architecture.

Incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout Aquila.
A gorgeous blend of contemporary yet delicate exteriors complimenting generous interiors.

Contemporary masterpiece is comprised of twenty-four Senior Chalets and eighteen Twin Villas.
Aquila sets the tone for this outstanding property in the heart of Azha Ain Sokhna

Simulating a modern expression of the traditional Aegean architecture, Aquila combines curved smooth endings, as well as the use of stone on its white Mediterranean façades.

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