crystal lagoon in Azha

crystal lagoon
crystal lagoon azha

The Crystal Lagoon in Azha Ain Sokhna is the largest crystal lagoon in Egypt on the Red Sea, and it is the largest artificial lake in the world. It is a mixture of salt and fresh water lakes, which is suitable for swimming, and is characterized by its warmth throughout the year, summer and winter, and is monitored The quality of the water is constantly being monitored to ensure its purity.

Crystal Lagoons’ impressive turquoise waters are revolutionizing not only the real estate world but also water and energy production.

The Crystal Lagoons technology is the best in the world. And, because the globally claimed invention is very specific, it consumes chemicals at a rate 100 times lower than that used in normal swimming pools, suggesting that the technology employed is known as the best integrated system worldwide that is environmentally friendly.

Crystal Lagoons’ creativity and technology have made a revolution in the global real–estate industry, improving people’s lifestyles and bringing the ideal of wonderful beach life to every corner of the globe.

Crystal Lagoons is an international invention firm formed by scientist Fernando Fischmann that has invented an industrial designs technique that enables the creation and management of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very minimal costs.

Research and development efforts are focused on addressing global humanitarian concerns related to water and energy scarcity, with the goal of increasing the efficiency of various processes and water treatment systems. Solutions include, for example, lowering the energy consumption of RO desalination operations, seawater cleaning, and artificial aquifer restoration projects.

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