El galala city

el galala city
el galala city

El galala city

El galala city,however, a far-fetched idea that has finally become a physical reality.

it is the product of the tireless efforts of honest Egyptian cadres who toiled day and night to see Egypt become a wonderful worldwide city with a coastal character.

The project regarded as one of the most important meganational projects . that combine the beauty of natural scenery with global components, as it includes a tourist resort, a city with integrated services. and the Ain Sokhna-Zafarana Road, which crosses the Galala Mountain, making it a project of historical, cultural, and strategic value.

El galala city is one of the wonderful key projects overseen by the Egyptian Armed Forces’ Engineering Authority. The project is one of 253 major national projects underway in Egyptian governorates. It situated between Ain Sokhna and Zafarana on the highest mountain plateau in the Red Sea region. At its highest point, the plateau rises over 770 metres above sea level.

The project’s primary road begins in Wadi Hagoul and connects to the new Beni Suef / Zaafarana route, which spans 160 kilometres and connects Beni Suef and Zaafarana.

The major Galala Plateau Road is approximately 82 kilometres long on both sides, with a speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour.

The road is divided into three lanes that are protected from accident risks by logistics, interior boards, directions, planning. There are numerous services along the route, including six gas stations, a mosque, motels, and a market, two sub-connections between El-Galala Road and the Coastal Road, five back-turning tunnels, and 141 culverts for leaky rain and torrential rain.

the imbortance on the project

In this paragraph, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why el galala is important to egypt .

firstly, The project’s significance stems it is one of the contributions to Egypt’s development , the building of integrated urban neighbourhoods.

Egypt seeks to make El Galala a world-class city .

secondly, it is useful to the natural resource investment.

where there is a complex of Galala factories for marble and granite, consisting of two industrial complexes covering an area of 5 million square metres.

the first covering an area of one million square metres and the second covering an area of four million square .

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