Bianchi ilios

a blast from the past

bianchi ilios

from x development

a brand that consistently offers unique experience to anyone who steps foot within their project and a name
that withholds all qualities needed to evoke model
experiences; Developer X.
Developer X’s projects are divergent in their unique features .

life at bianchi ilios

  • all units are fully finished
  • payment plan 10 % down payment over 8 years installments
  • for service apartments 15 % over 8 years
  • delivery 4 years

looking for ?

life of simlicity

whitenesses everywhere

live in the heart

of the sea

bianchi ilios a wonderful beach

Bianchi North Coast is located at kilo 135 of the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, which is one of the most famous and best areas on the North Coast. It includes the largest tourism projects in addition to many services, roads, and important axes surrounding it.

  • 25 mins from new alamein city
  • 40 min from al dabaa road
  • 155 km from alexandria

The water spine

elongates its charm across the land,
leaving no settlement untouched. Swimmable lagoons act as the water bodies crating an infinite peninssula of composure and tranquility.

  • 4.3 km lagoon beach front
  • 360 meters main beach front
  • Total lagoons 46,000 sqm (11% of total plot area)
  • Swimmable lagoons

the community

with all the diversed prototypes built, a singly human centeric lifestyles arose, affering warmth and security within a harmonised community . sidi abdel rahman project , a 5 years- old product built upon 15 years of experience . remains an on going aspiration .

he Developer X real estate company, a subsidiary of Shoura Group, has launched two projects, Ourika in Sheikh Zayed and The Muse New Cairo, according to CEO Ahmed Fouad. 

The company is targeting contractual sales worth EGP 1bn at both projects during the current year.

Developer X by Shoura, driven to ensure that all we work with and all that we affect have DEFINED lives. Through our commitment to our stakeholders and communities on every project we undertake be it Residential, Commercial, Leisure, or community-driven; our drive is to always redefine lives.

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blue settlements

Bianchi North Coast Resort is designed in an old way, targeting the over 40-year-old audience of Ajami and Alexandria in the old days, but they were developed in the new phase so that the buildings are designed in a new way, unlike the old phase So that the corners of the building are being curved not sharp like old phase . also The terrace became glass and they also made it abundant in spaces and of the land.

the range of details you wish for

floor plan


twin house
  • million
  • 220 meters, fully finished
  • million
  • 250 meters, fully finished

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Modernly infused

A one of a kind community built around exclusivity, reliability, relevance, familiarity, and family orientation. All brought together to the most wanted blast from the past.

Furthermore the water spine elongates its charm across the land, leaving no settlement untouched. Swimmable lagoons act as the water bodies creating an infinite peninsula of composure and tranquility subsequently.

the range of details you wish for

floor plan

3 bedrooms
  • million
  • Total BUA: 130
  • Avg land Area : 280
4 bedrooms
  • million
  • Total BUA: 160
  • Avg land Area : 300

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the heart of the sea

Light at Bianchi Ilios beams off raw tones
of earth colors characterized by A soothing ambience Warmth and belongings
context Chill vibes

the range of details you wish for

floor plan

  • million
  • 86 meters, fully finished, with terraces

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Constructions and Design photos bianchi ilios north coast

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