Palm Hills New Cairo

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Palm Hills New CAIRO Masterplan

Palm Hills New Cairo

Palm Hills New Cairo cherishes ‘green,’ the way nature was created. The natural landscape of homes does not interfere with the surrounding environment. Running over 500 feddans, Palm Hills new Cairo was designed among that scenery and assorted views… having whatever you need
all around you.

Palm Hills New Cairo is a mixed-use community.
Feel the balance across so many different house types, commercial services, tailored for residents and guests. Our design is created to answer the call for a pleasant walk, a community guided by trees.

Why buy in Palm Hills New Cairo?

Introducing to you such an impeccable lifestyle, with breathtaking nature all around, Palm Hills New Cairo grants you matchless facilities with everything you need, because we leave nothing undiscovered.

Indulge in an out-of-this-world feel. Catering to your whole family’s needs, we bring you:

  • Luxurious spa
  • Heavenly hotel
  • Exquisite dining
  • Sports facilities
  • Professional healthcare – Great shopping
  • Quality education
  • Community hub

  • 10 years installments.
  • 0% down payments
  • 38% Discounts on Cash
  • 8 Months Delivery

Looking For?

Palm Hills New Cairo Units

A Captivating Location

Conveniently placed along the Middle Ring-Road, with a separate accessible commercial entrance to not disrupt easy flow of its residents & their welcomed guests, you will find the monumental Palm Hills
New Cairo overlooking all of New Cairo and the neighboring, New Capital City.

The ridge park

By MONA HUSSEIN The most prominent feature across the project is a tall ridge that runs the length of the site. The ridge gardens and trails will be heart of this community with quiet seating areas that are carved into the rocky face. Running, biking and strolling paths will connect from the various neighborhoods via the ridge trail to the social club.

Innovation, sustainability & stewardship

SWA is a landscape architecture, urban design & planning firm, with a network of seven studios worldwide.

They partner with clients to create vibrant places that are at once ecologically resilient, aesthetically compelling and socially beneficial. From the smallest details at a boutique resort to the large-scale interventions of a multi-layered, eco-corridor in urbanized China, their designs reflect asensibility both pragmatic and imaginative, uniting beauty with purpose in the natural and built environments.

Palm Hills Community

Social settings are sprinkled throughout Palm Hills New Cairo and interconnected by the promenade overlooking the Parks that opens to vast landscaped spaces and interactive areas created to inspire a neighborly feel.


The company’s strategy is comprised of four pillars, namely Growth, Earnings Stabilization & Diversification, Improving Profitability and Expediting Projects’ Delivery. Through the “Growth” pillar, the Company is exploring new large land banks within its development regions being West Cairo, East Cairo and North Coast to further expand its current development portfolio either through direct land auctions sponsored by the Egyptian Government, acquisitions from the private sector or co-development opportunities with land lords, securing the Company’s future pipeline of residential and commercial offerings.

Palm Hills Badya 6th of october photo - Property Egypt Villa

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Palm Hills New Apartments Design

The apartment district has been designed around a series of inter- connected courtyards, that provide communal gathering spaces. The number of roadways have been greatly reduced to allow for more green space, with the help of underground parking facilities.

The spaces between the apartments are occupied by large shade trees for privacy. The courtyards will utilize a variety of contemporary garden & plaza designs that create an active hub for this community. Shady lawns, flowing gardens, ponds, plazas & community centers will fill these active courtyards.

The courtyards have been designed by the esteemed Architect Mona Hussein. As a designer, Mona Hussein

understands the importance of creating unique and inspiring spaces and therefore, was able to utilize the space to provide a remarkable experience.

Palm Hills New Cairo Apartments Masterplan

Palm Hills New Cairo Apartments Prices

  • Million

10 Years Installments, Fully Finished With Air Conditioners

1 Year Delivery
  • Million

10 Years Installments, Fully Finished With Air Conditioners

1 year delivery
Palm Hills Badya 6th of october photo - Property Egypt Villa

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