Apartments in Sarai New Cairo

Sarai New Cairo offer various types of suitable Apartments starting from 2 bedrooms to Studios.

Enjoy your Villa overlooking the biggest private beach in Egypt which can be used as a resort all year long. Luxury lifestyle like never before.

Apartments Building Design

شقق للبيع في التجمع

Cash Discount:

Design & Prices

2 Bedrooms 127m up to 131m from 2,100,000 to 2,400,000
-3 Bedrooms 148m up to 182m from 2,250,000 to 3,100,000

Payment Plan New Offer

-5% Down Payment rest over 7 Years Discount 15% (Delivery One Year) 
-10% Down Payment rest over 6 Years Discount 20% (Delivery One Year)
OR 5% Down Payment Over 10 Years (Delivery 4 Years)

Sarai Studios

5% Down Payment Over 10 Years
Cash Discount 40%
Delivery 2.5 Years.
Studio 1 Bedroom: 57m to 62m from 867,446
EGP to 965,647 EGP

Free Real Estate Consultancy

Property Egypt helps you find the suitable residential or commercial unit for your needs inside Egypt with our Free Consultancy Service… Contact Us now and get exclusive up to 40% discounts .

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