villa twinhouse for sale in sarayat al maadi

villa twinhouse for sale

villa twinhouse for sale

villa twinhouse for sale

Sarayat El Maadi neighborhood

The oldest and majestic neighborhood in the Maadi area, which was inhabited by the largest royal families in the past, as it was designed by a British general to be for army soldiers.
You must know the history and value of the area in which you will live. The residents of Maadi neighborhood are distinguished from the residents of other areas. They enjoy the originality in the designs of architecture and buildings, in addition to the calm and sophistication that surrounds the neighborhood. The district makes you relive the days of beautiful black and white films.
How nice to live in one of the most prestigious villas in which senior Egyptian and non-Egyptian families lived

Pictures of the villa inside and out:

villa twinhouse for sale

the location of the villa:

The villa is located on 15th Street, minutes away from the American School, in a place with all services and facilities within the Maadi Sarayat neighborhood.

Villa Specifications:

Two villas surrounded by a fence separated by a wall
The floor area of ​​each villa is 750 square metres
The floor area of ​​the first villa is 150 meters
& of ​​the second villa is 215 square meters

Explanation of the two villas from the inside:

  • The ground floor of the first villa has a large reception room for guests, a large lobby and kitchen, and a luxurious dining room
  • The first floor of the first villa has two bathrooms and five rooms
    The roof of the first villa has two rooms and a bathroom
  • The second villa is in the same specifications as the first villa from a ground floor and a first floor, but with different room spaces, it is larger than the spaces of the first villa
  • And the roof of the second villa has only one room, a dining room and a bathroom

The process of selling the villa is done through the owner direct

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