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Azha Resort in Ain Sokhna on an area of ​​380 acres, consisting of luxury chalets and villas, charming views of the sea and luxurious designs. The village of Azha Ain Sokhna has been provided with a wide range of features that increase the number of investors in the village, and the most important and prominent features are as follows: The privileged location of the village in Ain Sukhna. Providing a variety of units of different size. Providing a distinct set of different price packages. Providing one of the best payment and payment systems in investment projects. Providing the village of Azha Ain Sukhna on a large area estimated at one and a half million square meters. It comes close to Cairo with a time distance of only an hour and a half.

The location of Azha Resort is very special in the heart of Ain Sokhna at kilo 34 Sokhna-Suez Road, Azha village is 126 km from Cairo and 11 km from the gates of Ain Sokhna Madar Development and Real Estate Investment was able to provide a large group of units for chalets and villas within the Aquila phase in the Azha project, Ain Sokhna, varying among themselves in price packages that suit all investors’ budgets, and the company has worked on diversifying the price packages to provide a number of options that can be chosen Among them, what suits each customer, the details of the price packages are as follows:

Providing a distinguished group of units known as townhouses, the prices of which range from 5 million 500 thousand Egyptian pounds to 6 million Egyptian pounds.

Providing another group of townhouses with different spaces at special prices starting from 7 million and 700 thousand Egyptian pounds to 9 million and 200 thousand Egyptian pounds.

Providing a group of units known as penthouses at prices ranging between 10 million and 500,000 Egyptian pounds to 12 million Egyptian pounds

Villas start from 145 square meters to 318 square meters

15% down payment 8 years installments

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