Badya Palm Hills

Badya Palm Hills

Badya Palm Hills is accessible through its proximity to the Giza Pyramids. Giza International Airport and its location at the center of Cairo. Badya makes it easy to get around the city with its close proximity to transportation and within itself as it provides parking on-site. The concept of “convenience” is that customers are able to fulfill their daily, weekly, and monthly needs. within a short distance from where they live.

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Badya Palm Hills October Location

Upcoming roads will connect to make Badya the heart of the city, bringing together the east side of Cairo with the west side.

Built with the 5-10-15 Urban Planning Rule in mind, where you are a walk away from your needs… only five minutes away from your daily needs, ten minutes away from your weekly needs an fifteen minutes away from monthly needs, because we promote a healthy lifestyle.
Badya features highly accessible pedestrian zones, easily attainable from every residential neighborhood. Central routes will be built, the arteries for the “heart.” They will feature quality outdoor shopping outlets of various kinds, a range of gastronomical options along with a host of varied facilities to satisfy a spectrum of dreams and wishes.

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