logistic area of suez canal

logistic area of suez canal

first : logistic area of suez canal

logistic area of suez canal is a flat of semi-square land with an area of ​​460 km. starting from Ain Sukhna, south of Suez and then extending to Suez Governorate, South Sinai Governorate, Ismailia Governorate and Port Said Governorate . Since the establishment of the zone in 2003 until 2015, and during this period, only 2 .

were market Only one million square meters, due to slow marketing, and in 2016 since the opening of the new channel And the issuance of a new law for the authority and then the allocation and marketing of 18 million square meters in that short period.

and in East Port Said, an industrial development of 4 million square metres, and this opens the door to the Sharq region Port Said and as a result of administrative development and good practical performance.

it desided that the establishment of any company will not take longer From 3 days at most, and it noted that work in the Suez Canal area does not carry any burdens on the state budget From hard currency, self-reliance and good marketing are the secret behind the success of the project,

and it was held Recently, there was an agreement between the Economic Zone and the Central Bank that the sale of infrastructure (electricity and water) 77 (in dollars, and the most prepared and qualified area for work and production is the region The first is in Ain Sukhna, and one or two companies are established per week, and work begins as soon as it is established

secondly :

The state’s work to appreciate and enhance the role of the Suez Canal Economic Zone as a global and central logistics center in the global trade movement,

through several strategies and basics aimed at finding advanced investment opportunities in the industrial, commercial and maritime sectors, settling important industries, adopting a policy of integrated logistics clusters, and creating infrastructure

For ports and industrial zones in accordance with international standards, which helps in supporting the national economy and making the most of its promising potentials and capabilities.

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