Suez Canal industrial zone

Suez Canal industrial zone

Suez Canal industrial zone

A delegation representing the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Russian businessmen, during a visit to Egypt. signed with the leadership of the Suez Canal industrial Zone the basic terms of the development contract for Russia.

The administration of the Suez Canal Economic Zone said in a statement that “as a result of negotiations with the head of the Suez Economic Zone.

Yahya Zaki, the main terms of the development contract were signed, including the lease period for the plot of land, its size and coordinates, and the last date for development.​

The preparation of the site by the developer for the location of the resident production facilities, as well as the size of the rental price.

The Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Licensing

in the Field of Foreign Trade of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Roman Chikushu, said that. the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal – the southern sector, expressed its great appreciation. for the master plan of the project, and official approval of it will begin in the near future.

He emphasized that Russian business representatives highly appreciated the convenient location, including access to transportation and logistics infrastructure.

“Among the potential residents of the delegation of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade: mechanical engineering, chemical industry, metallurgy and pharmaceuticals,” he noted.

The head of the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal, Yahya Zaki, announced earlier that . “the agreement to extend the scope of the Russian industrial zone in Egypt was made based on the desire of the Russian side. noting that the operational contract for the Russian industrial zone is expected to be signed, before the end of the operation.

the current year,and the start of work on the infrastructure, during the next year. In early September, a delegation of Russian companies, businessmen and investors will visit, expressing their desire to invest in Ain Sukhna.

In 2018, Moscow and Cairo signed an agreement to establish a Russian industrial zone in Egypt. extending over an area of ​​5.25 million square meters under the usufruct system. and is expected to attract investments amounting to about seven billion dollars.

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