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villas for sale azha

Many lovers of landscapes and the sea are looking for villas for sale Azha Ain Sokhna Resort. Among the advantages of Azha Village is the mild weather throughout the year, and the unique location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, Azha Ain Sokhna Resort overlooks the most beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Suez where the turquoise waters Pure, soft white sands, in addition to the fact that Azha Ain Sokhna Resort is considered one of the most luxurious integrated tourist resorts, in which you will find everything you dream of from housing and a sophisticated resort.

The villas for sale Azha Ain Sokhna are characterized by luxury, sophistication of designs, and a wonderful view that overlooks the largest Crystal Lagoons. And the green spaces with all the screens that make you enjoy the moments you spend with your family in Azha Ain Sokhna Therefore, you have to take the opportunity, be suitable for work, and take the initiative to make a reservation in the finest, and most beautiful tourist resort in the city of Ain Sukhna. Villas were put up for sale in Azha Ain Sokhna, Azha Resort in Ain Sokhna in the first phase of the Azha village project in Ain Sokhna, the stage was called Mosca. They are villas of various sizes, consisting of two floors, with a private swimming pool.

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villas view

The number of rooms in villas for sale Azha Ain Sokhna starts from three rooms, four, and five rooms. For you to choose from them what suits the number of your family members, and suits your budget. In addition, the kitchens in Azha Ain Sokhna villas are designed in a high-end American style, and the bathrooms are made of luxurious porcelain. There is a garden, and a private swimming pool for each villa for more privacy. And all the residential units, and villas for sale, Azha Ain Sokhna, overlooking a wonderful view of the scenic landscape of green spaces, and the sea. The company that owns the project has been interested in providing the best of its services to provide luxury and comfort to the owners of villas, and the rest of the residential units within the Azha Resort, Ain Sokhna.

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